四谷三丁目 / 和食

Yotsuya3chome / Japanese


比内地鶏の鍋 *具材の主役は、鶏の後フグ、クエ、アンコウと変わります。事前にご予約・ご確認ください。

Nabe, Japanese style hot pot dish, with free range Hinai chicken. Please be reminded that the main ingredient will gradually change to blowfish, grouper and monkfish. You are suggested to ask about ingrediens when you make reservation.


先付け 新取菜と甘えびの酒盗あんかけ

Shintorina and Alaskan Pink Shrimp with Shuto (fermented entrails of skipjack tuna)


刺身 三点盛り (写真は、かつお、たい、えぼだいの昆布締め)、つま一式

Assortment of Sashimi: Skipjack Tuna, Red Sea Bream, and Japanese Butterfish Wrapped in Kombu



Fried Oysters, Tempura of Fuki Giant Butterbur and Taranomi Shoot, with Japanese Spanish Mackerel


メイン 塩豚の野菜スープ煮 白髪ネギ

Vegetable Soup Stewed Salt Pork with Julienned Scallion


酢の物 岩もずく

Marinated Vegetables and Seaweed


食事 鯛めしの焼きおにぎり、香の物

Onigiri Rice with Sea Bream





いちごのババロア パパイアのソース

Strwaberry Bavarois with Papaya Sauce



English follows Japanese


「自分の料理はクラシック系」と語るとおり、店主 小林 俊彦が供するのは素材、だし、水にこだわったきちんとした日本料理。素材は「その時期に一番旨いモノ」にこだわり、だしは料理として完成した時点で一番活かしたい素材に応じて使い分けている。そして水は「週に一度か二度、自分で成田まで湧き水を汲みにいく。」という徹底ぶり。「洗い物以外、水道水は使わないし、浄水器の類もありません。」という。



The definition of Japanese cuisine is often very diverse and vague. This is partly due to the number of distinct categories and specialties including sushi, tempura, eel, kushiage to name a few. This is further complicated by the creation of constantly emerging subcategories which produce a wide array of creative and often eclectic dishes. This means that there are an immeasurable variety of Japanese restaurants identifiable by the type of food they serve. And of course, prices for the restaurants in each subcategory also range from quite expensive to extremely reasonable.

This vast array of choices would seem to be a welcome situation for all of us with a passion to eat. However, selecting a good Japanese restaurant is not an easy task. In fact, it is definitely more difficult to select a good Japanese restaurant than selecting a good French or Italian restaurant, even for Japanese people. This is why eatpia.com is confident and pleased to recommend Sensui, a restaurant serving real Japanese cuisine at a fair price.

The owner of the restaurant, Toshihiko Kobayashi calls what he dishes up somewhat authentic. He is very particular about the ingredients and the water he uses. Throughout the year, he selects items best representing each season. Depending on available ingredients, he decides what kind of dashi he should use. Dashi is a type of soup base or stock considered fundamental to Japanese cuisine. It can add tastes such as sweetness, tartness, bitterness or saltiness. And, Chef Kobayashi is completely obsessed with the water he uses: Once or twice a week, he goes all the way to Narita for the water he uses in his cooking. He will only use tap water to wash dishes.

On the other hand, he is not a fundamentalist blindly believing and adhering to the old ways of doing things. In his quest for more knowledge about ingredients and dashi, and is willing to turn to non-Japanese items such as game meat, to create his version of Japanese cuisine. With his firm grip of the fundamentals, he is not afraid of pushing the envelope. At the same time, he does not forget to see things from his customers’ point of view. He is very flexible in accommodating the various requests he receives from them.

It has been a quite a while since Kobayashi opened his own restaurant in Arakicho/Funamachi near the Yotsuya Sanchome crossing. You can walk to this shop located on the left hand side on Sugi Daimon Dori, which is the main street going through Arakicho, from Shinjuku Dori. The surrounding area has a very relaxed and warm atmosphere in spite of the fact it is the very middle of the constantly bustling Shinjuku ward. In fact the restaurant itself represents the area’s warm and relaxed atmosphere. This small restaurant with only 3 tables and a few seats along the counter works for various occasions from entertaining your business client to having quiet dinner alone or with your friends.



Set course menus available at 6,000 yen and 9,000 yen.
Please contact the restaurant for special arrangements.

*写真は¥9,000のコースより/From the 9,000 yen set course menu



「料理と合わせた際にベストなこと」を基準に店主 小林が厳選したお酒を紹介。
日本酒(一合):¥700~¥1,300 焼酎(一合):¥600~
生ビール:¥750~ 瓶ビール:¥700~

Kobayashi-san selects sake based on his own simple criteria; It must go well with the food.
Sake by the glass is priced from 700 yen to 1,300 yen, while a selection of shochu is available from 600 yen. Draft beer is available from 750 yen and bottled beer from 700 yen.



住所 Address
〒160-0006 東京都新宿区舟町3-4 第2トリイビル1F
Dai2 Torii Bld 1F 3-4 Funamachi, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0006
最寄り駅 Nearest Station(s)
地下鉄丸ノ内線 四谷三丁目
Yotsuya-Sanchome(Tokyo Metro)
平均予算 Average Cost
夜の平均予算:¥10,000 ~¥15,000

Average dinner cost: 10,000 yen to 15,000 yen
営業時間 Business Hours
17:30 - 23:30

Closed on Sunday
*For a large group, the restaurant can make a special arrangement to accommodate them on Sunday as well. Please contact the restaurant directly with such requests.
Credit Card
JCB/Diners Club/VISA/Master/AMEX 他