神楽坂・飯田橋 / フレンチ

Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais
Kagurazaka-Iidabashi / French

photo credit : Waki Hamatsu

Original saucisson Lugdunum Burger

自家製リヨン風ソーセージのルグドゥノム ブション リヨネ スタイル

Original Lugdunum Style Burger Served with Fruit Tomato


Foie gras de canard poêlé, rhubarbe confite

鴨のフォワグラのポワレ リュバーブのコンフィ添え

Pan Fried Foie Gras of Duck Served with Rhubarb


Eclair d’escargots, fondue de tomate, beurre ail & persil

エスカルゴのエクレア仕立て トマトのフォンデュ ニンニクとパセリ風味

Escargots “Eclair Style” Served with Tomato, Flavored with Parsley & Garlic


Assiette de cochonnaille « Bouchon lyonnais »

コショナイユ ブションリヨネ風

Assorted Delicatessen Platter Bouchon Lyonnais style


Crème de maïs glacée, baby maïs frit

冷たいトウモロコシのクリームスープ ベビーコーン添え

Chilled Corn Cream Soup, Fried Baby Corn


Artichaut & coquillages, gelée à la coriandre

アーティチョークと春の貝 コリアンダー風味のゼリー

Artichoke & Shellfish, Coriander Flavored Jelly


Tatin de Boudin Noir aux pommes

ブーダン・ノワール りんごのタタン仕立て

Homemade "Boudin Noir" with Apples, Tatin’s Tart Style


Aile de raie à l’arête, beurre noisette aux câpres

骨付きエイのポワレ ケッパー風味の焦がしバター

Skate Fish Served with “ Beurre Noisette” and Capers


Homard juste poêlé, aubergines fondantes, sauce citronnelle

オマール海老のポワレ ナスのフォンダン レモングラスの軽いソース

Pan Fried Lobster Tail Served with Eggplant & Lemon Grass Sauce


Filet de canard de Challans Burgaud, polenta d’olives

シャラン産の鴨胸肉 オリーヴとマスカルポーネのポレンタ添え

Roasted Duck of Challans Served with Polenta Mascarpone & Olive


“ Paris – Lyon” le cousin du Paris - Brest

パリ–リヨン  パリ–ブレストの従兄弟

"Paris - Lyon" cousin of Paris – Brest


Traditionnelle tarte aux pralines rose & son œuf à la neige Traditionnal pink praline tart & snow egg style


Traditionnal Pink Praline Tart & Oeufs à la Neige (Floating Island)



English follows Japanese









そんな伝統的なブションを、細部に至るまで妥協せず再現したのがルグドゥノム・ブション・リヨネ。ブションには無くては成らない銀色に輝くスズ製のカウンター、ワイン・カー ヴ、テーブルと椅子、そして床に敷かれたタイルに至るまで、全てシェフが自らの生まれ故郷リヨンから引いてきたもの。壁にはリヨンの今と昔を伝える多彩な絵が架かる。











A gourmet destination since opening its doors in Autumn of 2007, this comfortably casual dining spot is not to be missed. The name, Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais, is perhaps a bit of a mouthful, but you will long remember your first experience here. Located in the Honda Yokocho section off Kagurazaka’s main sloping street, you will already be in the mood for French as you approach this fine example of the cuisine of Lyon.


Neither overly commercialized nor developed, Kagurazaka is one of the few areas of Tokyo that retains the atmosphere of the old metropolis while attracting large numbers of French students, French expats, and their families. This is due to the L'institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo in nearby Iidabashi. Naturally, this area is complete with high quality French restaurants, bistros and brasseries catering to this microcosm of France in the heart of Tokyo. Among the tempting array of French eateries, Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais, as is exemplified by its name, is definitely one of a kind.


The simple and warmly welcoming bouchons of Lyon are similar to the bistros of Paris, but not identical. Owner-chef Christophe Paucod, born in Lyon, is very proud that it is recognized as the culinary heart of France, and its bouchons have a longer tradition than do the bistros of Paris.


He has now completely recreated in great detail the kind of bouchon he dreamed of by bringing back all the essential elements of a true Lyon bouchon, including an authentic zinc counter, a wine cave, and even tables and floor tiles from his native city. Moreover, he has elegantly decorated the restaurant with a variety of framed pictures that create an atmosphere true to his hometown.


Examining Paucod’s culinary resume also leaves one impressed. When he first arrived in Tokyo he taught at the highly acclaimed French culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu’s Tokyo branch, from where he was recruited to work as executive chef at the Sofitel Tokyo. In France, after his apprenticeship, he worked for several Michelin starred restaurants. Amazingly, he has been cooking professionally since he was 15 years old.


Obviously this means you can expect a quality of food a notch or two above regular bistro fare – exactly what Paucod strives to offer while being true to the spirit of bouchon.


This manifests itself in the fact that everything at this bouchon is homemade. Many French chefs visiting Tokyo are pleasantly surprised to find that quintessential bouchon items such as boudin noir, andouillette and charcuterie (which Chef Paucod proudly calls cochonnaille as they do in Lyon,) are all made in house, as it is increasingly common in France recently for restaurants to source those items from outside suppliers. Perhaps it is touches like this that makes Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais the only bouchon in the world awarded with a coveted Michelin star. 


At this bouchon in Kagurazaka, you can experience the heart and soul of French culinary tradition as it is only presented in the city of Lyon.





Le Menu du Déjeuner

2,950 yen

前菜 + メイン・ディッシュ + デザート + エスプレッソ /  コーヒー / 紅茶

Appetizer + Main Dish + Dessert + Coffee, Espresso or Tea


Le Menu des Canuts

4,500 yen

前菜 + スープ + メイン・ディッシュ + チーズ + デザート + エスプレッソ /  コーヒー / 紅茶

Appetizer + Soup + Main Dish + Cheese + Dessert + Coffee, Espresso or Tea


Le Menu Dégustation 

6,950 yen



Chef’s 5 Course “Omakase” Tasting Menu

(To be served to all guests at the table)




Spécialités Lyonnaises 

6,950 yen

Découvrez nos spécialités lyonnaises en 5 plats


Five course menu to discover Lyon’s specialties 


Menu Dégustation & Accords Mets et Vins


9,950 yen  

Découvrez les suggestions du chef en 5 plats

Chef’s Five Course Tasting Menu



13,950 yen

5 plats + coupe de champagne + 2 verres de vin (7cl)

5皿の料理+ シャンパーニュ1杯 + グラス・ワイン2杯

5 Courses + A Glass of Champagne + 2 Glasses of Wines


15,950 yen

5 plats + coupe de champagne + 4 verres de vin (7cl)

5皿の料理 + シャンパーニュ1杯 + グラス・ワイン4杯

5 courses + A Glass of Champagne + 4 Glasses of Wines





Wines for you to enjoy at this re-creation of a bouchon from Lyon in Kagurazaka are all sourced from the regions accessible from Lyon; Burgundy, Cote du Rhone and Beaujolais. Also available are the lesser known wines from Lyon. Bottles are available at the 5,000 yen level. Very expensive top shelf wines are also on the wine list designed by the chef. And, it is noteworthy that, along with bottles of Champagne, a bottle of reasonably priced Cremant is also on the list.



住所 Address
162-0825東京都新宿区神楽坂4-3-7 海老屋ビル1F
1st Floor, Ebiya Building, 4-3-7 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
最寄り駅 Nearest Station(s)
JR・地下鉄各線 飯田橋駅、又は都営大江戸線 牛込神楽坂駅
Iidabashi (JR & Tokyo Metrro) Ushigome Kagurazaka (Toei Subway)
平均予算 Average Cost
2,500 yen 平日 Weekdays
3,500 yen 土日 Saturday and Sunday

8,500 yen
営業時間 Business Hours
Lunch: 11:30 - 14:00 (L.O.)
Dinner: 18:00 - 21:30 (L.O.)

Closed on Mondays and the 1st and 3rd Tuesday every month
Credit Card
American Express / VISA / Master / MICard